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December  2013 / 6 4 Comments

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My very first blog post!

This really is my very first blog post, so please bear with me!

It has been a pretty busy week one way or another, and I have to say that it is lovely to have reached the weekend and have a day to recover!

My wonderful students at Chetham’s have had two (actually three) concerts this week, the first at school on Monday which was a dry run for an important one the following day in Harlech, North Wales.
They played brilliantly, and I am so proud of them all. It was rather a trek to Harlech, with a very early start.

I thought the journey there was pretty tiring for everyone, but it had nothing on the trip back when it took a whole hour to cross Manchester on the way back to school! Three of my students were playing for a corporate event the same evening and it was a bit touch and go that they would make it on time….. Fortunately they had half an hour to recover, and again played fabulously! I am such a proud teacher.

The other great news this week is that my U6 student has heard that she has so far been awarded scholarships for two of the music colleges she has applied to. I am just as delighted as she is, if not more, as I love to see my students doing well.
Congratulations Lizzie!

Note 29 Oct 2013

  • Congratulations to you too with the launch of your new website! It’s looking fantastic… And I can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Break a string or whatever they say!

  • Lovely site – well done! Loved your blog – you’ve done one more than me! If it’s the Lizzie I know tell her I’m really pleased for her.

    • Thanks Chris – Glad you like the site! Yes it is the Lizzie you know btw, so I’ll pass that on to her. I know she’ll be pleased.

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