• Panormo Duo

Panormo Duo

When I first tried a Panormo guitar a few years ago, I was totally bowled over by their wonderful sound. Until that point I’d never played a 19th century instrument and I had no idea that such a small guitar was capable of making such a refined and surprisingly large sound. It became my mission for some time to have one of my own and I am now the proud owner of an 1834 Louis Panormo, which I had restored to playing condition by Gary Southwell, and haven’t looked back!

With fellow Panormo geek, Chris Susans, I perform as “The Panormo Duo”.  We are passionate about playing 19th century repertoire together, much of which is rarely performed. We are lucky enough to have been involved with a new project of Brian Jeffery, of Tecla Editions, exploring the duos of Ferandiere, which have just been published for the first time and it feels a great privilege to be possibly the first duo to play these charming and energetic works in 200 years!

If you would like to know more about The Panormo Duo, please click the link below which will take you to our website.

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